Daylily - Tuxedo Gent

Tuxedo Gent
(Pearce-G 2011)

  • 6.5" Big dark velvety purple/red with a gold throat. The petal edges have a very thin white edge.
  • Being a strong tall dormant variety, Tuxedo Gent has always stood out and been admired by visitors. They frequently comment that the picture does not do the plant justice. The many well-spaced buds ensure a long-lived display. Easily fertile both ways, this variety is producing extremely dark, sun-fast, and green-throated beauties as offspring. Tuxedo Gent reminds me of a tall handsome gentleman formally dressed for a fabulous evening event.
  • 30" scape with 4 branches and 20 buds, Mid, Dormant, Tet (Red Volunteer X Ruffled Royalty)
  • Seedling #02-23-01
  • $15 DF

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