Daylily - Sugar Plum Adagio

Sugar Plum Adagio
(Pearce-G 2022)

  • 7.5" Rose and lavender blend with large watermark, slightly ruffled edges, and radiating yellow to green throat. Unusual form crispate. Each flower is very uniform with perfectly curled sepals.
  • Tall scapes show off the balletically graceful flowers. Excellent branching and bud counts along with rebloom allow gardeners to enjoy Sugar Plum Adagio over a very long period of time. Fertile both ways producing a growing collection of quality offspring. Received second place standing in the 2021 Region 2 Englerth Seedling Award voting. An excellent northern cultivar all the way around!
  • 48" scape with 5 branches and 30 buds, Mid w/Rebloom, Dormant, Tet (White Eyes Pink Dragon X Seedling)
  • Seedling #13-78-05
  • $50 DF
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Another ViewSeedlingSeedlingSeedlingSeedlingSeedling

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