Daylily - Sedona Sandstone

Sedona Sandstone
(Pearce-G 2021)

  • 6" Orange red with a red band fading to veined golden orange edges above a triangular yellow to green throat. Just like touring the beautiful canyon walls of Sedona, these flowers change their appearance a bit from day to day but are always a fiery combination of red and orange.
  • Sedona Sandstone is a cold hardy plant that produces awesome scapes full of branches and buds which results in a nice long season of bloom. Six branches and over 30 buds is common when established and grown well. Fertile both ways.
  • 34" scape with 5 branches and 25 buds, Mid, Evergreen, Tet (Year of the Dragon X Big Red Wagon)
  • Seedling #12-90-02
  • $35 DF
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Another ViewAnother ViewScape

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