Daylily - Sailor Sky

Sailor Sky
(Pearce-G 2011)

  • 5.5" Bold fiery rose flowers with a raspberry eye, ruffles, and a gold wire edge.
  • The fantastic branching habit allows over 30 buds per scape to open freely over a long period of time. Bud counts over 45 have been observed! Sailor Sky increases quickly to become a mass of saturated hot rose flowers which boldly make their presence known in the late garden season. Occasionally polymerous. Fertile both ways and producing wonderful offspring with terrific plant habits. Not registered as a rebloomer but frequently does rebloom when well grown.
  • 28" scape with 5 branches and 30 buds, Late, Semi-Evergreen, Tet (Betty Pate X Elizabeth Salter)
  • Seedling #97-01-02
  • $15 DF
Mass EffectScapePolymerous BloomSeedlingSeedlingSeedling
Mass EffectScapePolymerous BloomSeedlingSeedlingSeedling

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