Daylily - Pink Shockwave

Pink Shockwave
(Pearce-G 2013)

  • 6" Velvety dark rose red with a showy dark pink watermark, prominent veining, and a bright yellow to green throat. A striking flower showing potential for a more prominent white edge with further breeding.
  • The showy flowers on nice tall well-branched scapes balance perfectly with the robust foliage habits. Pink Shockwave is definitely a hardy evergreen happy in northern climates. Fertile both ways producing offspring which carry forward its beautiful watermark. Limited availability.
  • 36" scape with 4 branches and 20 buds, Mid, Evergreen, Tet (Fencing Master X Nordic Night)
  • Seedling #02-13-01
  • $50 DF — Sold Out
Bud LoadSeedling
Bud LoadSeedling

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