Daylily - Paisley Pajamas

Paisley Pajamas
(Pearce-G 2022)

  • 5.5" Round ruffled reddish purple with double edge of white and lavender plus a small lavender watermark above a yellow to green throat. Fragrant. The rich color variations of Paisley Pajamas easily conjure up slipping into luxurious silky purple paisley pajamas.
  • Very consistent performer. All the color variation between the bluish watermark, darker halo outside the watermark, and pure white ruffled edge make it a standout in the garden. A strong grower which increases quickly and is well-proportioned regarding scape to foliage height. Easily fertile both ways.
  • 36" scape with 4 branches and 16 buds, Mid, Semi-Evergreen, Tet (Desire of Nations X Marietta Heartbeat)
  • Seedling #12-40-01
  • $35 DF
Another ViewSeedlingSeedlingSeedling
Another ViewSeedlingSeedlingSeedling

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