Daylily - Hot Rod Red

Hot Rod Red
(Pearce-G 2024)

  • 6.25" Clear fire engine red self with ruffled edge above a yellow to green throat. One cannot help but notice Hot Rod Red in the garden because of the big clear red flowers atop nice tall scapes.
  • The strong tall foliage and scapes, along with the long period of bloom due to generous bud counts makes this a standout either alone in the garden or with others nearby. It also holds well in sun and rain. Super parent to other robust reds. Excellent pod and pollen fertility.
  • 37" scape with 4 branches and 20 buds, Early to Mid, Semi-Evergreen, Tet ((Year of the Dragon x Velvet Throne) x Hestia)
  • Seedling #17-18-02
  • $100 DF
Another viewSeedlingSeedlingSeedlingSeedling
Another viewSeedlingSeedlingSeedlingSeedling

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