Daylily - Hollywood Premiere

Hollywood Premiere
(Pearce-G 2017)

  • 6" Wine purple with a faint band plus bold white midribs and darker ruffled edges outlined in white above a yellow to green throat.
  • Hollywood Premiere is a terrific season extender beginning to bloom after peak season and then continuing on for a long time due to the abundant number of buds. The wide white midribs on a dark background make me think of the searchlights used during vintage Hollywood premiere nights. Both pod and pollen fertile, it is producing exceptional kids that are taking my hybridizing in new and exciting directions.
  • 30" scape with 6 branches and 24 buds, Mid to Late, Semi-Evergreen, Tet (My Wish Tonight X (Mississippi Memories X Holy Guacamole))
  • Seedling #08-66-02
  • $15 DF

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