Daylily - Harvest Moonglow

Harvest Moonglow
(Pearce-G 2013)

  • 6" Soft golden orange with light pinkish midribs above a green throat. The plentiful buds are nicely spaced for a lovely long display of the flat flowers which conjure the rising full moon at harvest time.
  • The well-branched and budded scapes rise just above the clean green foliage giving the clump a rather neat tidy appearance. Harvest Moonglow is a reliable northern rebloomer and is quick to increase. Excellent pod and pollen fertility producing reblooming kids with the same wonderful plant habits. Occasionally will bloom in early June when grown under ideal conditions.
  • 28" scape with 5 branches and 22 buds, Mid w/Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Tet (Brickle Road X Betty Warren Woods)
  • Seedling #03-30-01
  • $15 DF
Bud Load5-9-16 Scape ScapeSeedlingSeedlingSeedling
Bud Load5-9-16 Scape ScapeSeedlingSeedlingSeedling

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