Daylily - Gigglefest

(Pearce-G 2017)

  • 5" Ruffled pink with a complimentary watermark and matching midribs plus a light edge above a yellow to green throat.
  • Gigglefest is super cute and quite the performer between the generous bud counts and rebloom. All those frilly pink flowers are reminiscent of a young girl's birthday party and the abundant giggles that go along with it. Thanks go to my giggly grand daughters for the name idea. Scapes are branched nicely so the flowers open fully just above the foliage. It is a great season extender due to later season bloom time. Vigorous grower with excellent pod and pollen fertility.
  • 26" scape with 6 branches and 30 buds, Mid to Late w/Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Tet (Sailor Sky X Madiba Magic)
  • Seedling #07-37-02
  • $35 DF
Another ViewScapeClump ViewAnother ViewSeedling
Another ViewScapeClump ViewAnother ViewSeedling

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