Daylily - Flutterfest

(Pearce-G 2012)

  • 6.5" Creamy lavender pink with slightly darker eyezone and edges plus light midribs above a yellow to green throat. In an established clump, the abundant flat and open flowers look like a mass of beautiful butterflies. Actually, the fragrant flowers are frequently visited by butterflies. Truly a flutterfest!
  • The candelabra branching and bud load on this strong plant is impressive (8 branches with 42 buds in 2012). And then it reblooms! Flutterflest has a lovely and extended season garden presence. Extremely fertile both ways and producing wonderful seedlings with the same terrific performance habits.
  • 34" scape with 5 branches and 25 buds, Mid w/Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Tet (Seedling X Sailor Sky)
  • Seedling #02-01-01
  • $15 DF

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