Daylily - Fluent in French

Fluent in French
(Pearce-G 2020)

  • 6" Shell pink with creamy edges and midribs above a yellow to green throat. Fluent in French has soft easy to live with Impressionist painting coloration.
  • The fabulous branching and bud counts along with staggered opening make this a long season performer. While it has not been registered as a northern climate rebloomer, it will occasionally do so. Fluent in French has been a wonderful parent for feminine ruffled pink seedlings which often rebloom due to the abundant rebloom genetics it possesses. Excellent pod and pollen fertility.
  • 36" scape with 5 branches and 30 buds, Mid, Semi-Evergreen, Tet (Sdlg X Portofino)
  • Seedling #07-01-02
  • $20 DF
Another ViewSeedlingSeedlingSeedlingSeedlingSeedling
Another ViewSeedlingSeedlingSeedlingSeedlingSeedling

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