Daylily - Firestorm Fandango

Firestorm Fandango
(Pearce-G 2013)

  • 5.5" Bright reddish orange with a darker eyezone, prominent veining, and some white edging over a yellow to green throat. The contrast between the dark eye and light edges make this a unique and showy flower reminiscent of saucy hot fandango dancers.
  • The nice tall scapes and bright flowers are easy to spot in the garden. Firestorm Fandango is a strong dormant grower which increases quickly. It's northern reblooming habit is an added bonus to extend the fun! Excellent pod and pollen fertility.
  • 38" scape with 4 branches and 20 buds, Mid w/Rebloom, Dormant, Tet (Red Volunteer X Ferengi Gold)
  • Seedling #04-52-01
  • $15 DF
Mass EffectAnother ViewAnother ViewSeedlingSeedling
Mass EffectAnother ViewAnother ViewSeedlingSeedling

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