Daylily - Dawn on the Dune

Dawn on the Dune
(Pearce-G 2022)

  • 6" Flat light peach with light midribs, spiky rose band, and ruffled double edge echoing the band coloration above a yellow to green throat. Fragrant. Just as the name implies, imagine the bright rays of a new day's sunrise as it breaks over a summer dune.
  • The large flat ruffled form makes this a showy flower. Dawn on the Dune blooms over a long period of time by opening just a few flowers each day. A strong grower and fertile both ways.
  • 28" scape with 4 branches and 16 buds, Mid, Semi-Evergreen, Tet (Silken Temptress X Arctic Lace)
  • Seedling #10-84-01
  • $25 DF
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Another View

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