Daylily - Cashmere and Pearls

Cashmere and Pearls
(Pearce-G 2024)

  • 7" Pink with a large white watermark, white ruffled edges, and radiating yellow to green throat. The large super flat petals and sepals allow the entire bloom to be fully enjoyed from a single perspective. The big white watermark and pure white edge only add to the showiness of this flower.
  • Cashmere and Pearls is a hardy plant gaining dormancy from both parents. Pod and pollen fertile producing offspring with similar white edges.
  • 34" scape with 3 branches and 18 buds, Mid w/Rebloom, Dormant, Tet (Such a Flirt x Sexy Samantha)
  • Seedling #15-38-02
  • $150 DF - very limited supply
Another view
Another view

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