Daylily - Calypso Charm

Calypso Charm
(Pearce-G 2023)

  • 6" Pale pink with lavender band and frilly double edge of lavender and cream above a yellow to green throat. Nicely diamond dusted, of good substance, and fragrant as well. The delicate coloration makes this a very feminine flower.
  • Calypso Charm is perfect at the front of the flower bed due to its shorter stature. The well-branched scapes present the flowers over a long period of bloom, especially considering the rebloom in northern climates. Beautiful blue-green dormant foliage all season. Fertile both ways.
  • 26" scape with 4 branches and 16 buds, Mid w/Rebloom, Dormant, Tet (Soul Whisper X (Palace Garden Beauty X Sunday Sandals))
  • Seedling #10-02-03
  • $50 DF
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